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Your home’s exterior sets the first impression of your home since it is the first thing friends, neighbors, and guests see. There are many ways that you can transform your home’s exterior.

As the outer shell of your home, siding not only adds to your property’s curb appeal but it also helps to improve energy costs. A replacement door is one way to give your home’s exterior a major boost. 

An exterior remodel can include ornamental elements reminiscent of the old south or other antiquity. Maybe there is a veneer that appeals to you, easily adapted to the exterior of your home.

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Whatever your dream is for your exterior home renovation, our designers and craftsmen have the experience to achieve your unique vision. We are well adept at taking your ideas — in the form of images, verbal stories, and a discussion of your preferences — and turning them into a remodeled home that fits all your needs.

Know that when you work with our remodeling contractors, sub-contractors, and designers at Scalice Custom Homes & Remodeling, you are working with an experienced team. Our design team will help you remodel your home to get you the exact exterior you are hoping for — the right color paint for your siding, the perfect texture of brick, and the best angles from your eaves, windows, and front porch.

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